The Goldmorr System – An Overview

Your Goldmorr System technician has recommended this process to you after careful inspection and consideration of your individual circumstances. He/she may also make recommendations to you for the prevention of recurring fungal contamination.


Generally, The Goldmorr System is a two-part system. The removal of visible mold is carried out by way of a bleach-based product that is designed to clean the hard surfaces and remove the stains often caused by mold growth. The bleach-based product also contains a natural additive to ensure its effectiveness in the stain removal process. This product is known as GM6000.


The second part of the process involves fogging your entire dwelling. This is necessary as contaminants are carried on clothing, as well as through such processes as natural and artificial airflow within a home. The fogging process removes the contaminants from the air. These contaminants can include dust, bacteria, mold spores, ash, and many more substances that form the particulate makeup of the air within the indoor space. This product is known as GM2000.


Both these products have been thoroughly tested. A selection of these tests can be viewed on the manufacturer’s website at They include such testing as biodegradability, skin irritation, toxin testing, and more. Excellent results were achieved on all tests conducted.


The Goldmorr System and products are not new to the market, having been developed over 20 years ago. These products are only available to Goldmorr-trained professionals from authorized distributors. They are currently used in the USA, Australia, Canada, England, Japan, New Zealand, and several other countries.


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