Introduction to Goldmorr GM6000 - Stain Remover


No special equipment required


No wire-brushing or sanding


Superior stain removal 


No Pre-Treatment of Surface


Easy to use: simply spray on surface


Works on any hard surface

Works on Drywall


Ingredients break down into safe, biodegradable by-products



Goldmorr GM6000 is the workhorse of The Goldmorr System. GM6000 is used in conjuction with GM2000 or GMThermo. This product is for the removal of visible staining, including mold staining, from hard surfaces only.  It can be used to remove the staining on such surfaces as sheetrock, plywood, MSB, concrete, timbers, stonework, roofing, brickwork etc.  

This product is formulated to penetrate pourous materials, including drywall, to remove all the staining within the material.  After using GM6000 to remove the visible staining, painting of the surfaces is usually not required. 


Ideal for Attics, Crawl Spaces and Drywall


The Goldmorr application process reduces labor, lowering expenses and increasing profits without compromising on proven results.



Certified Indoor Air 

Randy Gandara​


"Thought I'd share some more before/after photo's of another successful job that we just completed yesterday. I always like sharing these images with the customers after a job. This system blows away the competition and streamline's our operation."


Mimsco in Anniston, Alabama

Scott Mims


Goldmorr ‘saved the day’.


“We were in a large attic that had serious mold contamination deep in the wood sheathing and supports. We were attempting to use a hydrogen peroxide based product and steel brushes to remove the embedded mold. Even applying the H-‐peroxide 3 times and scrubbing with steel brushes wasn’t removing the staining. Our first shipment of Goldmorr product had yet to arrive so we brought in our ice blasting equipment and began to use it. Then the Goldmorr arrived in the mail and we immediately mixed up a bottle of the GM6000 and applied some to the wood previously treated with the peroxide and it instantly removed the mold staining! We then treated the rest of the attic and the results were simply amazing! Great results with so much less labor!”

Introduction to Goldmorr GM2000 - GMThermo


Treat large and inaccessible spaces


Ready to use solution 


Biodegradable | Non-Toxic


No Pre-Treatment of Surface


Easy to use: simply fog area


Ingredients break down into safe, biodegradable by-products

GM2000 - GMThermo​


GM2000 is arguably the most tested product on the market. The two most notable tests are for skin irritation, and biodegradability, both of which received excellent results. GM2000 achieved a low/non irritant result in the skin testing, and an “excellent” result on biodegradability.


How does the GM2000 work?

GM2000 is fogged into the air and works as a non-mechanical air scrubber. Imagine the steam you see in the air following a hot shower, GM2000 is fogged into the air and remains suspended slowly working its way downwards bringing all of the airborne particulates with it. Another analogy would be a thunderstorm. During a thunderstorm, particles are removed from the air and deposited on your nice clean car. The GM2000 is statically charged to attract airborne particulates including dust and mold, dragging them to the floor and removing them from the air. Your professional will then HEPA vacuum your home and micro clean surfaces to remove the debris, leaving you with fresh, clean air.


GM2000 applied using a ULV fogger.

GMThermo for large areas using a thermal fogger.



Forensic Industrial Hygenist

John Dacken


"Does the Goldmorr process work? Absolutely! It is faster and less expensive than any other abatement method".


DS Consultants

Denver CO


"In the many years that I have been performing clearance testing on mold work, I have never seen a cleaner indoor air environment than when I inspect and test behind a job that is remediated with the Goldmorr System".


A Better Restoration 

Robert Peterson


“We just completed a 70 condo unit mold remediation project where a rainstorm flooded the new construction site prior to the roofs going in. There was mold growing like crazy, even on the gyp-crete floors. Some of our competitors had tried unsuccessfully to remediate the project but failed. We used the Goldmorr system as part of our remediation method and our clearance testing results were astounding! More than half the cleaned units passed with ‘no mold spores detected’. Both the Hygenist and the property owners were amazed and pleased with the results!."

Introduction to Goldmorr GM2000 - Content Micro Cleaning


No special equipment required


Expand into profitable content cleaning


No Pre-Treatment of Surface


Easy to use: simply spray on surface


Works on virtually any fabric or material without staining

Water based Green cleaning product


Not scented, so there can be no question of it masking odors.


Its non-bleaching feature means that it is safe to use on any surface.



This product is for the removal of visible debris, including mold.  It can be used for clothing, furniture, carpets etc.


Simply apply with sprayer or microfibre cloth and safely wipe away.

Additional benefits are that it is not scented, so there can be no question of it masking odors. Its non-bleaching feature means that it is safe to use on any surface.


Ideal for Furniture, Clothing and Keepsakes


Increase your profits by offering content restoration at a fraction of the time and costs!



Rocky Mountain Catastrophe

Steve Prothero


We remediate a lot of mold infested crawlspaces here in the mountains. Before Goldmorr we had to use dry ice blasting and every job took several days and at least three technicians, which meant that our profit margins were lucky to be 35 – 30%. Now that we are using Goldmorr, we routinely complete even the toughest projects in about a day with only one to two technicians and our margins have soared well above 80%!  Haven’t touched the dry ice machine since our first Goldmorr project either!


Rainbow Intl in Shreveport 

Daniel Chambers


Our very first Goldmorr project after we completed the training course was a home where condensation based mold contamination was everywhere, on cabinets, walls, window, and the furniture. We were able to treat and clear everything in the entire house! We are very excited about Goldmorr!