Our product, GM6000, is the workhorse of The Goldmorr System and is used for the removal of most types of visible staining, including mold, from hard surfaces such as: Sheetrock, Plywood, OSB, Concrete, Lumber, Stonework,
Roofing and Tile & Grout, to name a few!


GM6000 is formulated to penetrate porous materials, including drywall,
yet will not affect most paints. Within moments, your structure can look like new!

​• Proprietary
• Easy to Use
• Superior stain remover
• Safe for hard porous surfaces
• No pre-treatment of surface required
• No special equipment needed
• Minimal or no wire brushing or scrubbing

GM 6000 Stain Remover

GM 2000 / GM Thermo

Our bio-degradable product, GM2000, is a water based solution that is safe to be fogged into the air and AC ducting. The final step in the Goldmorr micro-cleaning process, is the elimination of airborne particulates. It acts as a non-mechanical air scrubbing system designed to suspend inanimate particulates for easy removal from the indoor air environment. Simply HEPA vacuum and micro-cleansurfaces

following treatment, for a fresh, clean environment.

• Proprietary
• Bio-degradable
• Non-bleaching
• Non-scented
• Low/Non-irritant
• Extensively tested
• Proven results

IAQ Analytics

With the increase in "whole house" treatment

as part of a complete remediation protocol, showing the quality of your work is a must. 


When removing visible mold you can clearly see the difference.  Post remediation air quality testing will also show that the invisible air borne mold spores have been reduced/eliminated too. 


More importantly, as part of the complete Goldmorr System, you've treated the whole house, not just the area of visible mold contamination, providing your customer with

the best mold remediation available.

Sample each room. It's easy and affordable

for you and your client, with reporting results based on internationally established standards.

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