The Goldmorr product line continues to be on the cutting edge of technology, influencing our industry and providing effective solutions backed by science and testing.

GM6000 – Visible Stain Remover

Our product, GM6000, is the workhorse of The Goldmorr System and is used for the removal of visible mold staining from colorfast surfaces such as: sheetrock, plywood, OSB, concrete, lumber, stonework, roofing, tile and grout, to name a few!


To get to the hyphae (root) of the mold colony, GM6000 is formulated to penetrate porous materials, yet will not affect most paints. Within moments, your structure can look like new!

​• Proprietary
• Easy to use
• Superior stain remover
• Safe for hard porous surfaces
• No pre-treatment of surface required
• No special equipment needed
• Minimal or no wire brushing or scrubbing

• Ingredients break down into safe, biodegradable byproducts

Disaster Response, LLC.

(McCall, ID)
Clint Suter

“Using Goldmorr saved a very high-end real estate transaction, salvaged a relationship between the realtor and sellers, forged a relationship between the realtor and our company, and impressed the inspector so much that he said ‘I will never refer another restoration company besides Disaster Response again!’ A different company had attempted mold remediation (poorly), upsetting the homeowners and the realtor who was selling the property. The clients fired the other company and hired us. We remediated a 3,000 ft2 crawl space. [With GM6000] our tech automatically saw the mold just disappear right in front of him. The product performed wonderfully – all parties involved were extremely happy with the results. We were absolute heroes.”

GM6000 "Before" & "After" Photos
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North Shore Restoration, LLC. (Galena, MD)
Steve Redding

“Another successful remediation: our customer’s indoor forever pool room was heavily affected with mold on the drywall. We were afraid that they may need some painting after remediation but check the before and after images. Thank you, GM6000!”

GM2000 / GM  Thermo – Non-Mechanical Air Scrubbers

Home Repair Connect, LLC. (Columbus, IN)
James Myers

“GM2000 is bad@#*!! Our most recent client requested an actual Air-O-Cell test when we completed the job. The numbers were so low that the lab called to make sure we’d ran the full [time]. We’ve used [another product] for fogging and had good results; but I’ve never seen numbers this low post remediation. Very glad we’ve connected!”

Our biodegradable products, GM2000/GM Thermo, are water-/oil-based solutions that are safe to be fogged into the building environment, including AC ducting.  An 

essential step in the Goldmorr mold remediation process is the elimination of airborne particulates.  GM2000/GM Thermo act as non-mechanical air scrubbing systems leaving the air quality clean and fresh.

• Proprietary                                 • Low/Non-irritant

• Ready-to-use solution                   • Non-scented

• Treat large & inaccessible areas    • Non-bleaching
• Extensively tested                        • Biodegradable
• Proven results

Close-up of mold spores

GM2000 – Content Micro Cleaning

GM2000, a water-based green cleaning product, can also be used for removal of visible debris, including mold.  It can be used for clothing, furniture, carpets, keepsakes, etc.


It is applied with a sprayer or microfibre cloth and safely wipes away any mold debris.

Additional benefits are that it is non-scented, so there can be no question of it masking odors. Its non-bleaching feature means that it is safe to use on any surface.

Soft content cleaning

Campbell Crossing, LLC. (Fort Campbell, KY)
James Hahner

Hahner was called in to clean and clear a residence, following another remediation company’s 4-day attempt…after the other company’s post-treatment air quality & tape lift tests reported fails. “Using the Goldmorr products, the furniture and mattress were properly treated and cleaned and remained in the home during the fogging phase (even though the other company said the furniture and mattress needed to be disposed of). The end clearly shows the results of Goldmorr products” with all PRV passes. “I got more accomplished in 8 hours than they got with 4 people in 4 days!”

IAQ Analytics – Post-Remediation Air Quality Testing 

Enviro Medix Solutions (Powell, OH)
Brad Shirkey

“It was our first large mold remediation job using The Goldmorr System. The product worked as advertised…We returned 24 hrs later and passed a clearance test with flying colors. I could not be happier with the results of The Goldmorr System...Thank you for introducing us to this valuable revenue source.”

With the recognition of a "whole house" treatment being part of a complete remediation protocol, showing the quality of your work is a must. 


When removing visible mold, you can clearly see the difference.  However, post-remediation air quality testing is necessary to show that the invisible airborne mold spores have been reduced/eliminated as well. 


As part of the complete Goldmorr System, you have treated the whole house (not just the area of visible mold contamination) providing your customer with the best mold remediation available.

Sample each room. It's easy and affordable for you and your client, with reporting results based on internationally-established standards.

2020HA – High Alkaline Cleaner





2020HA is a concentrated organic dispersant for use as an all-purpose cleaning product for removal of mycotoxins, the chemical compound left behind after mold remediation.

This product can be used on hard and soft surfaces as it does not discolor, making it also suitable for use on fabrics, upholstery, steam cleaning of carpets, etc.  

Used in concert with the Goldmorr mold remediation products/protocols, it will effectively remove mycotoxins from surface areas of previously-contaminated areas.

Mycotoxin Testing

Patented product,

protocols, lab

testing & reports

Following the most comprehensive study on mycotoxins in building environments ever done, Goldmorr is proud to make available this revolutionary new system for mycotoxin testing and removal.  Mycotoxins are the chemical compound left behind after mold remediation.

With the 2020HA mycotoxin remediation protocols, you can, for the first time ever, identify the presence and type of mycotoxins in your customer's air, remove them from the environment, and then prove it with lab certified post-remediation air sampling.

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