Review of Presentations at Goldmorr Conference

Dallas TX, October 2019

The presentations were made by Dr. Bob Moore, PhD, Chief Science Officer at IAQ Analytics and consultants Steve Atkinson and James Saunders.

Review by Susan Goldsworthy


Please note that this review does not take into account the entire content of presentations and is Sue’s opinion of the take-home message in layman's terms. Please contact if you require further technical explanation or have any questions.





When we embarked on this research project, it was to prove, or disprove, whether mycotoxins were able to be found in the air of fungal-affected properties.  We were surprised that there were detectable levels able to be found, let alone in such quantities.  The study was conducted on a limited number of homes known to have visible fungal growth.


The presentations showed us how mold spores and mycotoxins work.  Essentially, the mycotoxins largely hitchhike on dust and other airborne particles.  Because of this, they are considered coarse particles.  The mold spores produce the toxins basically by sweating.  This makes sense because we can liken it to humans whose perspiration often excretes substances, especially after eating garlic!  


The spores only produce mycotoxins under certain conditions – damp fungal-infested homes being one of them.  Ergosterol, which is common to all fungi, can be detected quite easily to show whether there are mycotoxins being released into the air.  Testing can then be done to determine what kind of mycotoxins they are, as not all mycotoxins are harmful.  Surprisingly, Cladosporium doesn’t actually produce mycotoxins at all.


Being able to test for mycotoxins is a great breakthrough.  As remediation professionals, we all read the trade magazines.  Some of the articles are informative, but many are “fake news”!  Specific toxin testing in the way we are doing it has not been done before, despite claims by certain so called “Industrial Hygiene Professionals,” laboratories, or the like.  James Saunders’ laboratory has multiple accreditations and all samples are analysed by appropriately qualified professionals.  This is breakthrough stuff for our industry in particular.


This testing is going to be essential for clearance testing and will be particularly helpful for any of our customers who are perhaps experiencing some symptoms which may be related to mycotoxins.  At the very least it will provide them with the most predominant types of mycotoxins that exist within their homes which will, in turn, arm them with the information so that the customer can consult with his or her own medical professionals to either exclude them as issues or further investigate whether the toxins are the problem for that individual.

We also learnt that the Goldmorr products have been tested for their efficacy against toxins (the results of which can be found at the website), so we’ve been unknowingly protecting our customers all this time.


There is one thing that I feel I really should point out about your own exposure when entering fungal-infested homes.  You are entering and inspecting those homes and then leaving.  There is no evidence that this short-term exposure will cause you or your workers any kind of cumulative effects.  When you are conducting remediation and are therefore inside the property for a longer period, you and your workers are wearing PPE.  The main take-home message is that living in a property with high airborne mycotoxins as a constant could be a source of ill health effects for your customers…some of whom may be more susceptible than others.  As explained above, it will certainly assist them by way of process of elimination.


New IAQ Reports


There is a suite of new reports which will be available shortly on the IAQ Analytics website.  These reports concern fungal risk, and we learnt that they are based upon published building science principals and publications that are recognised globally.  Steve Atkinson has developed these new reports for IAQ Analytics which take into account temperature, humidity, moisture content, etc., to calculate the risk of fungal growth.  These reports will be vital to give an overall picture of what is going on within the home and will serve as 3rd party reports to compliment your own inspections.  Coupled with particle counts that most of you are using, these are exciting and very well supported reports.


New Products


We learnt from Rob Goldsworthy about new products that will be available to you through your distributors:


AC Cleaner                              For use to clean AC, HVAC, and refrigeration equipment.  Importantly, this product is 


AC Coating                              For use in coating AC, HVAC, and refrigeration equipment.  Only 1 micron thick when                                                  applied – meaning it will not inhibit the airflow of the equipment.  Self-cleaning, which                                                ensures the equipment stays clean, and antistatic to ensure that it does not attract                                                      debris.  This in turn increases the efficiency of these units.

Global Eclipse Transparent        Will act as insulation when applied to your windows.  Transparent so as not to inhibit                                                  your view.  Will absorb the heat and function 24 hours per day as opposed to losing its                                                capabilities at the end of the daylight hours.

Global Eclipse Opaque              Still allows 65% of light transference but blocks ugly views.  Anything on the inside that                                                is 1m from the window will be unseen from the outside.

Global Eclipse Reflective           This film is used in drying.  It assists in reusing waste heat and ensuring that you can                                                 direct your dryers and contain the heat.


*** Note:  Your supplier should now be able to provide pricing on the AC cleaner and coating.

Pricing on the films will be available shortly as we are currently negotiating the best possible

price and fixing it for as long as possible so that we have no surprises each time we have a

batch prepared.




We heard from Dr. Michael Barnathan, who is our resident IT expert at IAQ Analytics.  Mike is simply brilliant at what he does.  If it can be done through any kind of programming, he is certainly the man to do it.  He has integrated the new reports into the IAQ Analytics website and has made adjustments to save double entries when you are entering your report data.  I urge you all to take advantage of his services if you wish to integrate auto entry from your current system to create a gateway directly to IAQ Analytics.


We were also introduced to the RealWear headsets.  Mike is currently working with one of the headsets to integrate voice commands and create the gateway directly from the headset into IAQ Analytics.  When this is completed, the plan is that any headsets bought after the completion will come pre-loaded with the software through your Goldmorr distributor.  In the meantime, if you wish to purchase a headset, talk to your distributor.  The remote connection from the headset to your computer in the office is fantastic for on-the-job consultation with an office based expert, or even a connection directly to another supervisory person in the field, or even your adjusters.


Where to now?


Within the next week, we will let you know the launch date of the new IAQ Reports.  We have some small adjustments, as requested by some of the attendees at the conference, before going live, but we are only days away.  Each component of the report will cost USD$30 for 6 rooms, the same cost as the current particle count reports.  There will be a cap of USD$90 so if you did a combined report utilising 4 different components, the cost will never exceed $90 for six rooms in the same property.  Additional rooms will be an additional $5 per component, per room.  Make sure you keep an eye out for the email next week as we will have a free of charge introductory period across the whole IAQ Analytics site.


The follow-up paperwork for the shipping of the mycotoxin samples has been submitted to the relative authorities and we will keep you updated with the progress.  Unfortunately, government departments have their own timelines that remain unknown to anyone else!


We are currently negotiating for best possible pricing on the following:

  • Mycotoxin sampling equipment

  • Mycotoxin sampling cartridges

  • Shipping

  • Films


Investigations are currently underway to facilitate particle counter verification through the Lab.


One pager for customers on the Goldmorr process DONE

One pager on IAQ Analytics for customers DONE


Rob Goldsworthy and myself would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who could make it to the conference.  Your support and enthusiasm is what drives us to keep improving on what we already have.  Your success is our success.  We all know that we have the very best products, system, and reports available.  We continue to invest funds into R&D to keep ourselves well ahead of the pack and to equip you with the most up-to-date information possible.


We look forward to continuing to work our way through the lists that we all came back with, and start with these initial updates and recap.  Watch your inboxes next week and we will provide more details and updates.


As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact either Rob or myself at  We love your feedback.



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