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IAQ Analytics is a global company whose purpose is to provide an avenue for consistent independent reporting based on science within known parameters and includes references to the International Standards Organization (ISO), World Health Organization (WHO), and many more, with a list of references included towards the end of each report.


Our experts include, but are not limited to, those from the fields of microbiology, occupational health, science, and mathematics. Consistent 3rd party reporting means that you are not relying solely on the information provided by the person conducting the inspection of your home or workplace. IAQ Analytics reports are designed to provide factual information at any point in a project – usually before the job commences and after the job has been completed.


Particle Counts

Particle count reports are valuable decision-making tools that take the results of the counts obtained by a particle counter for a specified time and are reported within known parameters and rated as levels. Full explanations of the resulting levels measured are contained within the report.


Fungal Risk

Fungal risk reports are calculated using many parameters including, but not limited to, surface temperatures, ambient temperature and humidity readings, moisture readings, etc. The building sciences field provides the ranges that different materials should achieve regarding dampness of materials and objects, which provides the basis upon which these reports rely. These reports also provide levels with full explanations available within the reports. Risk reports can also determine the likelihood of fungal growth behind a wall. This is achieved through known and documented building principals with the references available within the report.


Various other additional reports are available. Your technician will advise the reports that are recommended for your individual situation.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us direct at customerserivce@iaqanalytics.com. We will always endeavor to get back to you in a timely manner.


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