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Bret Sallee 

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  • How important is mold species identification? 

  • Mycotoxins from mold is the real danger…right? 

  • If our building material has mold on it, do we need to rip it out? 

  • Is there a better, safer, more profitable way to tackle mold?

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A Better Restoration 

Robert Peterson


“We just completed a 70 condo unit mold remediation project where a rainstorm flooded the new construction site prior to the roofs going in. There was mold growing like crazy, even on the gyp-crete floors. Some of our competitors had tried unsuccessfully to remediate the project but failed. We used the Goldmorr system as part of our remediation method and our clearance testing results were astounding! More than half the cleaned units passed with ‘no mold spores detected’. Both the Hygenist and the property owners were amazed and pleased with the results!."

Rainbow Intl in Shreveport 

Daniel Chambers


Our very first Goldmorr project after we completed the training course was a home where condensation based mold contamination was everywhere, on cabinets, walls, window, and the furniture. We were able to treat and clear everything in the entire house! We are very excited about Goldmorr!

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