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Bret Sallee 

National Trainer/Sales Rep.- Goldmorr USA

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Available until Nov. 2020


  • How important is mold species identification? 

  • Mycotoxins from mold is the real danger…right? 

  • If our building material has mold on it, do we need to rip it out? 

  • Is there a better, safer, more profitable way to tackle mold?

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SCBS, LLC., (Tucson, AZ)
Ken Goodman

Goodman reported he had been contacted by a customer who asked “Do you know The Goldmorr System?” Goodman was unfamiliar with Goldmorr, and the client decided to pay for his Goldmorr License. “They were so happy we were using The Goldmorr System of products and were even happier when we finished and invited them back into the home…they were able to breathe again and couldn’t believe how beautiful the house looked!"

Midwest Mold Removal
(Fenton, MO)
James “Bo” Tucker

Tucker was hired to perform remediation with an industrial hygienist conducting pre- and post-spore trap testing. Tucker reported the hygienist was “very hesitant” about The Goldmorr System and process since “no containment was built, and no air scrubbing machines were used.” After the job passed “with amazing results, this hygienist was baffled on how we could do a job that was this high in the fail level, all in one day. The hygienist is now referring his testing clients to us for remediation! His words to me were, ‘You just changed the industry. Many people need this because they can’t afford it traditionally.’ [Plus] we came in way, way less than the lowest quote because Goldmorr allows 21st century technology to prevail over the good ole’ boy method. Goldmorr – simply, it works!”

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