The Goldmorr System

Available only through Goldmorr Certified Technicians

Introduction to Goldmorr GM2000 - GMThermo


Treat large and inaccessible spaces


Ready to use solution 


Biodegradable | Non-Toxic


No Pre-Treatment of Surface


Easy to use: simply fog area


Ingredients break down into safe, biodegradable by-products

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GM2000 - GMThermo​


GM2000 is arguably the most tested product on the market. The two most notable tests are for skin irritation, and biodegradability, both of which received excellent results. GM2000 achieved a low/non irritant result in the skin testing, and an “excellent” result on biodegradability.


How does the GM2000 work?

GM2000 is fogged into the air and works as a non-mechanical air scrubber. Imagine the steam you see in the air following a hot shower, GM2000 is fogged into the air and remains suspended slowly working its way downwards bringing all of the airborne particulates with it. Another analogy would be a thunderstorm. During a thunderstorm, particles are removed from the air and deposited on your nice clean car. The GM2000 is statically charged to attract airborne particulates including dust and mold, dragging them to the floor and removing them from the air. Your professional will then HEPA vacuum your home and micro clean surfaces to remove the debris, leaving you with fresh, clean air.


GM2000 applied using a ULV fogger.

GMThermo for large areas using a thermal fogger.



Forensic Industrial Hygenist

John Dacken


"Does the Goldmorr process work? Absolutely! It is faster and less expensive than any other abatement method".


DS Consultants

Denver CO


"In the many years that I have been performing clearance testing on mold work, I have never seen a cleaner indoor air environment than when I inspect and test behind a job that is remediated with the Goldmorr System".


A Better Restoration 

Robert Peterson


“We just completed a 70 condo unit mold remediation project where a rainstorm flooded the new construction site prior to the roofs going in. There was mold growing like crazy, even on the gyp-crete floors. Some of our competitors had tried unsuccessfully to remediate the project but failed. We used the Goldmorr system as part of our remediation method and our clearance testing results were astounding! More than half the cleaned units passed with ‘no mold spores detected’. Both the Hygenist and the property owners were amazed and pleased with the results!."